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NewTek TriCaster AudioMixer Add-on and Remote Control

LiveMixer™ (2 x 1 Add-on + Remote) is a versatile application that provides a complete remote control over the internal audio mixer of all professional line TriCaster HD. Full control can be configured using several ways: from a computer or a laptop connected through the local network, or from a physical audio control panel connected through a USB port of one TriCaster, or both ways using a laptop and an audio panel to complete a full remote and dedicated audio mixing workspace for sound operator.

Installed on an external computer, LiveMixer™ allows the display of the audio mixer graphic interface on a dedicated screen, releasing the main screen connected to the TriCaster for video operations.

Get a free and automatic assistant: LiveMixer™ includes a new “AutoSwitch” feature capable of automatically triggering any functions or macro-commands from the TriCaster, based on audio level detection and on rules.

It is designed to automatically produce simple radio shows or conferences when camera switching needs to follow people speaking or sound events.

Users can build several scenarios combining minimum or maximum audio levels on different inputs detection,
priorities, and activating any kind of actions from the TriCaster.

 MidiDollLiveMixer™ is easy to install and easy to use, it comes with factory presets and can be customized to suit production needs. LiveMixer adds supports for the very affordable Behringer BCF2000 audio console and the Digital Audio Mixer Yamaha 01V96i.

LiveMixerLiveMixer Features:
* 2x1 Software
"LiveMixer Addon for TriCaster" and "LiveMixer Remote" for PC.
* Presets for different TriCaster models.
* Custom presets to freely allocate TriCaster inputs and audio channels to audio lines from the mixer.
* Behringer BCF-2000 and Yamaha 01V96i support offering control over audio level, Solo, Mute, Pan, Follow functions.
* Control of all TriCaster audio lines (up to 32 lines with a single control surface).
* Dynamic and bidirectional GUI (Graphical User Interface) with VU-Meters in real time. Changes will be reflected simultaneously on the controller, TriCaster and the remote PC.
* Macros for TriCaster software V2 and V1
* Compatible with Launchpad-S.
* Compatible with TriCaster HD models.

For best performance make sure your TriCaster system is updated with the latest available software. Requires: USB MIDI Interface. Roland UM-ONE MK2 . Yamaha 01V96i support .

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